Based out of Waukee, Iowa
IPART (Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team) originally formed as DIEPART (DesMoines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Research Team). We also go by the name "The Iowa Ghost Hunters".

We have been activly investigating the paranormal for well over 10 years as a team and many years before that unorganized. We take this seriously and our primary purpose is to help people that are afraid in their homes. By investigating and doing research we attempt to come up with an explination to what has been experienced.

Over the years we have seen many things unexplained. We also understand that all things may not be paranormal and strive to debunk (explain) what has been experienced.

Members of IPART come from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds. It is the diversity of the members that has made us sussessful.

We never charge for helping you in your home or buisness!
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