IPART Martixing Photos
Matrixing... When your mind attempts to make sense of chaos.
It's in our nature to make sense of what we do not do not understand. This can effect all our senses. Relating to photos, it's like seeing clouds in the sky that resemble things we are familiar with such as seeing a cloud that looks like an animal. Photos may not tell the whole story of what you are seeing. In a photo you cannot "see" what was behind the camera.
Might look like a face was captured in the window when in fact it is just a reflection of what is behind the camera
The man in the window
Ghost Dog
Reflections of trees
Might look like a ghostly figure, but reviewing a differt pic of the same area from a slightly different angle showed a box with tape
In the lower center window, another reflection
Ghostly figure
Man in the window
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