Video Evidence
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Video evidence can be very elusive to capture. You must be in the right place at the right time. Throughout the years of exploring the paranormal we have just a handful of video evidence. These 2 examples we have are older clips, attesting to the fact just how rare it is to capture something unexplainable
Unexplained Orb
Moving Soccer Ball
We captured an unexplained orb like light during this investigation. The clients reported seeing this same thing in various parts of the home. It is not explainable by bugs, outside lights, a flashlight, etc. Notice how it seams to rotate, change colors and is not perfectly round.
At the top of the stairs is a bedroom where activity was reported. In the closet was a deflated soccer ball. We placed the ball on the steps, walking by it all night long without it moving. You will notice the steps are kind of bowed and what you cannot see, the steps also bow up in the front.
DIEPART Show Promo
Years ago we have our own show on the local access station/ This is a promo from a very active investigation we performed. We never did figure out how a Sony Handy Cam could have been effected while recording.
Training Day
All new member go through training. This video is a lesson on the importance of debunking. We rigged up a snowman to move and it was seen on our video this investigator was monitoring. When it moved we investigated why. What we found was a hidden fishing line. It is important to debunk as we have had clients try to trick us.
We thought we would share these never seen before video clips.
This clip was taken by a hidden camcorder along with our other video equipment. We suspected the client was faking evidence and if you watch when she walks into the room, she throws a lighter. She made sure the man was directly between herself and myself.
Ghost Spinner
As the investigator walks by, the toy started to spin. We do not think the act of walking by triggered it to move as we had walked by it all night with nothing happening.
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